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Welcome to WTChat- your B2B platform in the sphere of travel services!
Welcome to WTChat- your B2B platform in the sphere of travel services!
Find new partners, share experience, create communities, participate in professional events, and expand the audience to promote your destination.


(including confidentiality clauses) 
Terms of site use 
Current version 
Published: March 1, 2023 
   1. General provisions; 
   2. Concepts and definitions; 
   3. Subject, behavior guidelines, and access to Site Content; 
   4. Parties’ rights and obligations; 
   5. Site use; 
   6. Responsibility; 
   7. Dispute settlement; 
   8. Cookie files and other technologies; 
   9. Additional provisions; 
   10. Attachment.

       1.1. The present Terms of Site Use (hereinafter referred to as Terms) stipulate the relations arising from the use of the World Travel Chat site located at 
       1.2. The World Travel Chat site is under the ownership of TEAM PROFIT ADVISORY SERVICES LIMITED. 
       1.3. The site is not a mass media platform.

       2.1. The Site is an online business and information platform operating via the domain name 
       2.2. The Site Content (hereinafter referred to as Content) is represented by protected intellectual property, including information about services, products, and their prices, graphical, textual, photo, derivative, mixed, and other pieces of work, user interfaces, visual interfaces, trademarks, brands, and logos, databases, as well as design, structure, navigations, visual elements, principal style, and location of the Content included in the Site, and other pieces of intellectual property available via the Site, both taken together and separately. 
       2.3. Principal Parties are parties with access to the Site Content as part of their roles, rights, and obligations in relation to the Site Content as per the present Terms. Principal Parties include the Site Owner, Site Administration, Association Owners, Group Owners, Regular Site Users. 
       2.4. The Site Owner refers to TEAM PROFIT ADVISORY SERVICES LIMITED, a legal body established and operating under Hong Kong legislation (Company Number 2655362, registered on February 12, 2018). This legal body owns the Site’s domain name under the applicable legislation. The Site Owner determines the site use regulations independently and at its own discretion. These regulations include the placement of information on the Site. 
       2.5. The Site Administration (hereinafter referred to as Administration) is a team (group) of people authorized by the Site Owner to manage the Site and operate the Site per the Site Owner’s instructions and in their interests. The Site Administration is comprised of the Supervisory Committee and Tech Support. 
       2.6. The Site Supervisory Committee is a consultative body and a part of the Site Administration comprised of specially invited independent, respected representatives of the tourism industry. The goal of the Supervisory Committee is to promote and operate the Site, modernize and update technologies used in the tourism industry, innovate and implement the latest information technologies as part of business processes, as well as use data driven solutions. The Supervisory Committee is responsible for designating the main course in the development of the Site, representing the Site in relations and joint operation coordination with social organizations, associations, professional unions, and other institutions interested in developing tourism with the goal of further enhancing these relations and integrating the Site into current and future business projects in the field of tourism and recreation. To fulfill its obligations, the Supervisory Committee analyses the Site’s usage statistics, organizes all the required research work, and ensures comprehensive expertise in all issues relating to the development and implementation of the Site. In situations when the Principal Parties are conflicting with one another, the Supervisory Committee can take the circumstances into consideration and provide a balanced and motivated solution to resolve the conflict, as well as come up with suggestions and actions to reduce the likelihood of similar conflicts arising in the future. 
       2.7. Tech Support is a division of the Site Administration. Tech Support includes competent employees who are responsible for maintaining the current Site to ensure stable operation, sufficient delineation of rights to access Site Content, the hosting of Site services, the safeguarding of data, the limitation of unlawful access to the content of the Principal Parties, consultations and decision-making on all matters that are being considered by the Site Administration with the current edition of the Terms of Site Use and applicable legislation as a guideline. Tech Support also holds other rights in relation to the Site Administration on behalf of the Site Owner and as per its responsibilities that are stipulated by the present Terms and are not held by the Site Supervisory Committee. 
       2.8. Group Owner is a legal body registered as per the relevant legislation or a group of interpreters/guides unified by their common field of work. The Group Owner has a single account to access and store data on the Site. The Group Owner gains access to the Site only by accepting the present Terms. 
       2.9. Association (non-commercial tourism organization) is a legal body registered as per the relevant legislation to represent the interests of its members (i.e., legal bodies engaged in the field of tourism and recreation, including those legal bodies who are Group Owners on the Site). The Association coordinates the operations of its members as per its incorporation documents and goals. 
       2.10.  Association Owner is an association with an account that is used to access data stored on the Site. The Association Owner ensures that the data оf the Group Owners is valid (i.e., verifies the data). Membership of the Group Owner in the Association is confirmed by Association as part of the Verification process and verified by a special insignia or message in the Group Profile. 
       2.11. Profile, Group Profile, Association Profile are Site settings made by the Association Owner or Group Owner to ensure specific ways of using and accessing the data of Registered Site Users. Group Profile or Association Profile enables the editing of information about the Association Owner or Group Owner, as well as data of Registered Users. 
       2.12. Site Users (hereinafter referred to as Users, Registered Users, "Authorized Users) are online users who have been authorized by the Group Owner to operate as part of their Group, have obtained Authentication Data and access to the Site Content as per present Terms, and are using the Site. 
       2.13. Verification Authorities are state and non-state organizations which, in accordance with the applicable legislation, are responsible for collecting, processing, storing, and providing third-party access to relevant authentic data required to confirm stated information. Verification Authorities include bodies such as: 
–    state and local authorities, state and non-state organizations directly involved in managing and regulating activities relevant to Group Owners; 
–    associations represented by the Association Owners which operate on the Site; 
–    other non-state and non-governmental organizations with high levels of competencies and authority in the activities relevant to Group Owners, including organizations that are managing bodies of the Group Owners’ professional community. 
       2.14. Account Verification (hereinafter referred to as Verification) are operations related to confirming the validity of the information provided by the Group Owner and checking them against trusted sources which include official publications, sites, databases of Verification Authorities. 
       2.15. Behavior and Access Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy) are mandatory rules and the process of securing access to the Site Content. These rules must be followed by Principal Parties when accessing and operating the Site Content. 
       2.16. Authentication Data is a unique set of login and password used by the Association Owner, Group Owner, and/or User to enter the Site and gain access to the Association Profile, Group Profile, and/or Site Content. 
       2.17. Acceptance is a complete and unreserved acceptance of the present Terms. 
       2.18. Site Administration Email refers to the address which can be used to contact the Site Administration. All communications with the Site Administration must be done via email provided that the present Terms do not stipulate another way of communication. Messages sent from the Site Administration Email are deemed to have been sent by the Site Administration if and when other circumstances are proven to have taken place with relevant legal and regulatory ramification. 
       2.19. Concepts and definitions used in the present Terms and appendices as well as other related documents are interpreted by the Parties according to the text of the present Terms. If the present Terms lack the relevant definition, the Parties use the legal definition as per Hong Kong legislation in effect at the time the present Terms were approved.

       3.1. The present Terms cover the joint rights and responsibilities of the Principal Parties. The following stipulations will cover the general and special provisions of the Policy. 
       3.2. General provisions of the Policy: 
           3.2.1. only information corresponding to the requirements of the present Terms, legislation applicable to Principal Parties which publish the information, Hong Kong legislation can be posted to the Site. If any discrepancies (conflicts) arise between the present Terms and applicable legislation, as well as in the case of any omissions in the present Terms, each Principal Party must suspend the publication of such information and contact the Site Administration with full explanations as to the reason for the suspension. All requirements related to textual information apply to audio-visual information, i.e., the information presented as part of conferences; 
           3.2.2. in case legislation applicable to the Association Owner, Group Owner, or User requires them to be undergoing special registration, obtain registration data for the posted information, its special markings, tokenization, etc., the Group Owner, Association Owner, or User must consult such requirements and bear responsibility for any violations; 
           3.2.3. the Principal Parties’ personal data cannot be published on the Site; 
           3.2.4. Principal Parties gain access to the Site by using Authentication Data as per the delineation of rights and interface settings for each category of Principal Parties. Guest access to the Site is not provided; 
           3.2.5. the accounts of Group Owners must undergo Verification before gaining access to Site Content or at a later date but no later than 3 (three) weeks after the Group Owner obtains Authentication Data. In cases when the Verification requirements are violated, the Site Administration retains the right to block the relevant account of the Group Owner and the User which are linked with it; 
           3.2.6. The Site Administration retains the right to send invitations to join the Site («Invitation»). The Site Administration obtains data for sending invitations (addresses) via the Verification Authorities or other sources. Invitations may contain: 
A) full Authentication Data (full login and password for accepting the present Terms and obtaining access to the Site Content with mandatory selection of a new password upon first entering the Site; violation of this provision may lead to the account of the Group Owner which has failed to alter the password to be blocked); 
B) partial Authentication Data (login and link to the Site to enable the Group Owner to set a separate password); 
           3.2.7. the Association Owner gains access to the Site after entering into a cooperation agreement with the Site Owner. The Site Owner informs the Site Administration about the conclusion of such an agreement whereupon the Site Administration provides Authentication Data to the Association Owner by sending a message to the email address noted in the cooperation agreement; 
           3.2.8. Group Owners gain access to the Site Content and Authentication Data only through Site Administration: 
A) by sending a written application via the “Verification Application” form published by the Site Administration on the Site and receiving an Invitation from the Site Administration;  
B) by accepting an Invitation received from the Site Administration by email; violation of this provision may lead to the account of the Group Owner which has failed to alter the password to be blocked; 
C) by accepting Invitations with password generating links, following the link and gaining access to the Site Content. 
           3.2.9. Account Verification (if required by the Site Administration) is organized as per the present Terms using the information obtained from the Verification Authorities. The Group Owner fills out the Verification application in full with all valid information. By clicking on the relevant button, the Group Owner confirms the validity of the information. The application is sent automatically to the emails of the Site Administration and Association Owner. The Association Owner checks whether all the necessary information was included and is valid and in line with the present Terms. The Association Owner also confirms a) that the applicant is a member of the Association; b) that a formally incorporated legal body is registered in the commercial (state) documentation and possesses all the required certificates and licenses to operate; c) that the head of the applicant is properly authorized (Authorized Party); d) that no bankruptcy/termination proceedings are in place in relation to the applicant; 
           3.2.10. the Verification is valid for 1 (one) year starting from the date of verification; 
           3.2.11. the lack of Verification for a Group Owner, including cases when the Group Owner leaves the Association, is grounds for blocking the relevant Group Owner’s account within 3 (three) weeks after the Verification becomes invalid; 
           3.2.12. the Administration accepts agreed upon promotional and informational materials from the Association and other Verification Authorities for free-of-charge publishing on the Site. The Administration also provides opportunities for the relevant parties to directly post such materials according to the relevant Policies under the present Terms; 
           3.2.13. the Administration and the Association must not divulge and should ensure protection against unsanctioned access of third parties to confidential information. This obligation must be upheld in perpetuity; 
           3.2.14. only Principal Parties in line with the concepts and definitions laid out in Section 2 of the present Terms gain access to the Site Content. If the Principal Parties are not in line with those stipulations upon receiving the Authentication Data or at any other time afterwards, the Principal Parties are deemed to have misled the Site Administration and potentially bear the relevant liabilities; 
           3.2.15. Group Owner provides Authentication Data to the Users (Group Users) to enable connection to the Group Owner’s account; 
           3.2.16. access to Site Content is subject to the tariff plan selected by the Group Owner in the Group Profile after activating the Site’s functionalities. 
           3.2.17. The Site Administration takes into consideration all applications for gaining access to Site Content or undergoing Verification if the applications are submitted via the Site Form (hereinafter referred to as the “Form”). All applications submitted through other channels are deemed to be invalid and are deleted without notification. All valid applications are considered and approved at the discretion of the Site Administration. The Site Administration retains the right to refuse approval without any motivation or notification; 
           3.2.18. at the request of the Site Administration, the Group Owner must send within 5 (five) workdays the scan of the application (as per Appendix #1 to the present Terms) to the email stipulated in the request. The application must be signed and stamped by the authorized head of the Group Owner acting with/out a letter of attorney. A scan of the letter of attorney must also be submitted (if applicable); 
           3.2.19. all information posted by the linked Group Users belongs to the Group Owner and is deemed to have been posted on their behalf and in their interests by the Authorized Parties; 
           3.2.20. should the Group Owner refuse to access the Site Content which is properly presented via the site functionalities, the Site Administration can delete all the materials and information of the Group Owner and Registered Users within a reasonable timeframe. If a User is refused access to the Site by the Group Owner/Site Administration or if a User refuses to access the Site Content, the Site Administration is in no way obliged to delete the data and information belonging to the Group Owner and in line with the stipulations of the present Terms and applicable legislation that was published by such a User. 
       3.3. User Policy: 
           3.3.1. The User is entitled to: 
-    post information to the Site as per the Policy stipulated by the present Terms and applicable legislation; 
-    obtain information via the Site; 
-    communicate with other Principal Parties. 
           3.3.2. The User can post the following information to the Site: 
-    information about Association Owners or Group Owners, personal data notwithstanding; 
-    information about services rendered by Association Owners or Group Owners, products, business offers. 
           3.3.3. The above-stated information can be posted in the form of: 
-    texts; 
-    videos; 
-    photos; 
-    links to other sites; 
-    voice messages and broadcasts as part of conferences. 
           3.3.4. The Site provides Association Owners, Group Owners, and Users with the following services: 
-    access to the Site Content with the right to view and publish content as per the Policy, present Terms, and applicable legislation; 
-    access to the Association or Group Profiles with all the rights set by the Association Owner or Group Owner; 
-    access to information posted by other Principal Parties; 
-    communications with other Principal Parties via messaging, comments, conferences; 
-    other Site services. 
       3.4. The present Terms covers all the existing (currently functioning) Site services as well as their future modifications and additional services added to the Site at a later date. 
       3.5. The Principal Party which violated the Policy bears relevant responsibility for its violation. If the Site Owner and/or Site Administration bears responsibility for violations on part of the User and such responsibility leads to expenses on part of the Site Owner or Site Administration, then the relevant Association Owner or Group Owner must compensate such expenses by providing payment within 15 (fifteen) workdays from the day such a requirement was received. 
       3.6. The Present Terms are mandatory for using the Site. By receiving and using the Authentication Data to access the Site Content as per the present Terms as well as continuing to use the site after the present Terms are altered, Association Owners, Group Owners, and all Registered Users accept the present Terms and Policy upon undergoing Site authentication and gaining access to the Site Content. 
       3.7. The use of the Site’s content and services is governed by the current Hong Kong legislation. At the same time, the present agreement is in line with the legislation of the People’s Republic of China and utilizes the best regulatory practices of the European Union.

4. Parties’ rights and obligations 
       4.1. Site Administration retains the right to: 
           4.1.1. change the terms of site use, as well as change the present Terms without the approval of Association Owners, Group Owners, and/or Users. The changes enter into effect upon the publication of the latest edition of the Terms via the Site. 
           4.1.2. execute maintenance work to support the operation’s efficiency and enhance the Site at any time; at these times the Site or its functionalities may be partially or fully inaccessible. 
           4.1.3. send Association Owners, Group Owners, and/or Users information messages via their designated emails or the site itself. 
           4.1.4. limit access to the Site if Association Owners, Group Owners, or Users violate the present Terms. 
           4.1.5. limit access to the Site or any information contained within it without notification or explanation. 
           4.1.6. execute other rights stipulated by the present Terms. 
       4.2. The Site Administration must: 
           4.2.1. ensure the operation efficiency of the Site in all cases except when this proves impossible due to reasons out of the Site Administration’s control. 
           4.2.2. provide all the required and valid information about the offered services. 
           4.2.3. provide paid services not included in the user tariff plan by specifying the prices and conditions of such services. 
           4.2.4. perform other obligations to ensure proper compliance with the present Terms. 
       4.3. Site Users retain the right to: 
           4.3.1. publish information to the Site, personal data notwithstanding. 
           4.3.2. browse information available on the Site. 
           4.3.3. receive information via the Site. 
           4.3.4. communicate with other Users. 
           4.3.5. use the Site only in accordance with the stipulations of the present Terms. 
       4.4. Site Users must: 
           4.4.1. view notifications from Site Administration, Association Owners, or Group Owners sent via the Site and/or via email. 
           4.4.2. offer other Users only products and services which the Group Owner sells on its own behalf by concluding all the necessary agreements. 
           4.4.3. refrain from posting or transmitting personal data, including the contact information of other parties as well as all confidential information that is protected under Hong Kong legislation. 
           4.4.4. take all measures to ensure that unauthorized parties do not get access to the Site Content; immediately inform the Group Owner via email about the loss (transmission) of Authentication Data. 
           4.4.5. accept that the communications with other Principal Parties may be used by any of the parties to prove intentions or actions during disputes. 
           4.4.6. ensure the accuracy of all published information, including financial information. 
           4.4.7. refrain from posting information which is meant to promote war, national, racial or religious hate and discord, as well as other information the publishing of which makes the party liable to criminal or administrative proceedings; refrain from publishing materials of an erotic, pornographic or inflammatory nature, as well as other information which is prohibited or out of line with the current Hong Kong legislation. 
           4.4.8. refrain from actions meant to mislead other Association Owners, Group Owners, and/or Users. 
           4.4.9. refrain from using scripts (applications) to automatically collect information and/or interact with the Site and its services. 
           4.4.10. refrain from actions meant to destabilize the Site’s operation; avoid from trying to gain unsanctioned access to the managing tools of the Site and/or its restricted pages (only accessible to the Site Administration); refrain from any other actions that may be deemed to be a DDoS attack. 
           4.4.11. Refrain from sending out information which is not directly linked with the professional activities of Association Owners or Group Owners.

       5.1. The Site and the Content hosted on the Site belong to the Site Owner and are administered by the Site Administration, information belonging to the Association Owners or Group Owners or information posted by the Users notwithstanding. 
       5.2. The Site Content is copyright-protected and is subject to trademark legislation as well as other intellectual rights legislation and unfair competition legislation. 
       5.3. All User information is deemed to belong to the Group Owner. 
       5.4. By posting information to the Site, the User provides other Users with a limited right to copy and use the relevant information in their professional activities and in relation to establishing cooperation with the information’s author. 
       5.5. Email correspondence is deemed to be the only valid channel for communications between the Site Administration and Association Owners or Group Owners. This includes situations when access to the Site Content needs to be suspended due to the valid possibility of unauthorized parties gaining access to the Site. 
       5.6. To suspend access to the site, Site Administration must receive a relevant request via email from the Association Owner or Group Owner. 
       5.7. The Site Administration retains the right to unilaterally and without prior notification suspend and/or block access to the Site for any Group Owner or User, as well as cancel their accounts without prior notification in cases when the present Terms or stipulations made in any other documents in relation to the Site use were violated, as well as in cases when the Site is fully disactivated or unavailable due to technical issues. 
       5.8. The information published to the Site is not deemed to be an amendment to the present Terms.

       6.1. The Site Administration does not compensate any damages borne by the Group Owners or Users due to: 
-    intentional or unintentional violation of any stipulation of the present Terms; 
-    access to Site Content by unauthorized parties; 
-    the actions of other Group Owners or Users. 
At the same time, Site Administration will cooperate with the affected Group Owner and offer information for courts and other state bodies. 
       6.2. The Site Administration bears no liability for: 
-    delays or errors in the process of the Site use due to force-majeure circumstances, as well as any other failures of telecommunication, computer, electrical, or other systems; 
-    suboptimal operation of the Site due to the User’s lack of adequate equipment; the Site Administration is in no way obliged to provide Users with such equipment; 
-    information posted to the Site by a Group User who is acting on behalf of the Group Owner; Group Owners bear full responsibility for the activity of Group Users on the Site; 
-    services offered by third parties. 
       6.3. Group Owners and/or Users bear responsibility for the interpretation and use of content (information) posted on the Site. 
       6.4. When the present Terms are altered, Group Owners and Users must familiarize themselves with the new version. If a Group Owner or User does not support the new version, then they must stop using the Site by sending a relevant notification to the Site Administration. 
       6.5. The Site Administration reserves the right to disclose any User information that is deems to be required by current Hong Kong legislation or court decisions, as well as with the goal of fulfilling the conditions and requirements of the present Terms. 
       6.6. The Site Administration bears no responsibility towards the Association Owner, Group Owner, User, or third parties for suspending access to the Site when any of these parties violate any condition of the present Terms, another document related to the Site use, or applicable legislation.

       7.1. In case of any disputes or conflicts between the Principal Parties, to file a court claim the relevant party must first submit the claim via emails stipulated in the profiles by Associations or Groups, as well as the emails stipulated by the present Terms. 
       7.2. The recipient of the claim must notify the sender within 10 (ten) workdays from the day of the receipt about the results of its consideration via email. 
       7.3. If the dispute cannot be resolved without addressing the court, the dispute is transferred to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and is decided based on current Hong Kong legislation. 
       7.4. Any court claim in relation to the Site use must be submitted to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) within 30 (thirty) days after the reason for the grounds of the claim arose, claims related to copyright protection of site materials under current legislation notwithstanding. If the present clause is violated, any claim or the reasons for its submission are deemed to have lapsed.

       8.1. The Site collects information during each visit by the Principal Parties to collect user statistics and analyze efficiency, promote personalization, alter interaction patterns, and enhance products and services. Information collection is completed using various technologies, including cookie files. 
       8.2. A cookie file is a data package that is sent to the Site via the browser used by a Principal Party. The package is saved to the computer and acts as a computer’s identifying marker. Cookie files are frequently used solely to analyze the Site use (in particular, to confirm the number of Principal Parties, the duration of the visits) and site efficiency (most importantly, to determine which themes are of particular interest to the Principal Parties), as well as to simplify site navigation and use. Cookies are not personal data. Cookie files are also used to personalize interactions with Principal Parties by comparing their profile data and preferences. This data proves to be important for the optimization of interactions with the Principal Parties. 
       8.3. Cookie files include session cookie files and permanent cookie files. Session cookie files ensure efficient navigation of the Site for Principal Parties and helps monitor movement between pages. These files preclude the need to re-enter data which was entered at the start of the current visit to the Site or data that is required for the transaction. Session cookie files are stored in the temporary memory and are deleted when the browser is closed. Permanent cookie files contain the preferences set for Principal Parties for the current and future visits to the Site. These files are saved to the hard drive of the User’s device and remain in effect for each new launch of the browser. 
       8.4. When visiting the Site Principal Parties can select options for the use of cookie files and other similar technologies via the browser’s tools and settings. To delete the cookie files, the User needs to use the relevant commands available via the browser. 
       8.5. Principal Parties can set preferences for most cookie files and other technologies via the browser. Information about cookie files can be viewed via the browser settings. Principal The Parties can set notifications about the cookie files within the functionalities of the browser and determine in each separate case whether they’d like to use these files. The Principal Parties can decide to disable the cookie files. The Site may be displayed with errors if the cookie files are blocked, disabled, or restricted in any other way.

       9.1. The Site Administration does not accept any suggestions from any other Principal Parties to alter the present Terms. 
       9.2. The Site Administration notifies other Principal Parties about amendments to the Terms by posting the new version on the Site (Click “Terms of Site Use” in the lower part of the Site and look for Profile: Documents). 
       9.3. The Terms are applicable in all instances of the Site use. Terms are rendered invalid by new versions of the document. 
       9.4. The Principal Party retains the right to disapprove of the altered Terms. In this case the Principal Party may send a message to the Site Administration from the email address set in its Profile. 
       9.5. The Site Administration should be contacted via the Site and email. The Site Administration cannot be contacted by any other forms of written communication, telephone, or other channels. 
       9.6. The Present Terms are written in English. The Association Owner retains the right to prepare versions of the present Terms in other languages with the approval of the Site Administration. These versions in other languages are subject to the Site Administration’s consideration and confirmation. In cases when there are contradictions between the different versions of the Terms, the English version will take precedence over the other versions. 
Attachment No.1 (see clause 3.2.18) 
To the Terms of World Travel Chat Site Use ( 
Application Form for gaining access and/or verification via the site


(legal body name, registration number, if available and applicable) 
represented by ________________________________, acting in accordance with _________________________ (authorization document, if applicable), and acting as a member of the Association ______________________ (if applicable), guarantees the validity of the following data (if applicable): 
   1. _______________________________________________________________________________ 
(Group Owner legal body name: in English or the language of the country of registration); 
   2. _____________________________ (country of state registation) 
   3. _______________________________________________________________________________ (trademark of the Group Owner to be used on the Site); 
   4. _______________________________________________________________________________ (email address); 
   5. _______________________________________________________________________________ (main business activities as per the checklist on the; 
   6. ____________________________________ (registration number/license number/approval number, the name of the body that issued the relevant document); 
   7. ____________________________________ (state/trade registration number, date of registration); 
   8. _______ (sets of Authentication Data for managing staff).

The Applicant presently confirms that: 
-    it will offer access to the Site Content only to Authorized Users and take measures to ensure that unauthorized parties do not get such access; 
-    it has familiarized itself and accepts personally and on behalf of its Registered Users the Terms of Site Use (; 
-    it bears responsibility for the violations of the Terms of Site Use ( by the Registered Users.

(signature of the Authorized Party or its representative, in the latter case please provide a scan of a valid letter of attorney)

(stamp if required by the country of registration to confirm the signature of the Authorized Party)

__________________________ (date of Authorized Party signature)

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